Friday, June 14, 2013

Navarre Children's Park

Right alongside the Navarre Bridge leading to Navarre Beach; located on Hwy 98-the main strip connecting most of the areas to each other, is The Navarre Children's Park. This Park is not Just for Children!! Many festivities are planned here for the whole community! There's a fun playground for the kids, separated into two sections to keep the younger ones safe. The park has covered picnic areas, perfect for bringing a lunch and spending the day with the fam, or having gatherings such as birthday parties. 
There's a beach with calm waters, a pond stocked with wildlife, a basketball court and a SPLASH PAD!!! All of this is provided for free. I love to meet here for playdates with my kids. 
The Navarre Chamber of Commerce/Visitor's Center is beside the park over looking the water. A convenient location for visitor's to the area, especially for the businesses who want to become a member of the Chamber and advertise to those visitors!
During the spring/summer months, The Butterfly House is open. It's on the side of the pond & basket ball court and is open Thurs-Sat 10-3. Run by volunteers who are more than willing to talk about the species of Butterflies, their life cycle, & plants that attract butterflies. This is open to the public and run by donations only.. We always try to bring $1 per person each time we go, but donations of any amount are appreciated. (More on the Butterfly House is coming later this summer!)

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